Great Lakes ATV / UTV / Motorcycle GPS Map Package

$ 55.00

Included in package price:

  • Pre-loaded memory card - Plug into the GPS and GO.
  • Free updates for first year
  • Online download of installation program if you don't want to wait for the card (download instructions are emailed within 48 hours of order, usually within 6 business hours)
  • Standard USPS Shipping and applicable taxes.

Optional Extras:

  • CD for installing to computer - note the included memory card has the install program on it and can be used instead of CD.
  • USB Card reader, for connecting your card directly to the computer.
  • Priority or Expedited Shipping - base price includes USPS First Class Mail shipping; get it sooner with our Expedited Shipping Option (usually USPS Priority or Express Mail).
  • Complete Coverage for Michigan and Wisconsin.

Full road coverage, rivers, lakes, towns and more. Points of interest, parking lots, lodging, gas stations.

Public Land is shown including State Forests, county forests, national forests, Parks, Wildlife Mangement Areas, public hunting areas, commercial forest land and related.

Includes current Motor Vehicle Use Map data to help you identify open/legal roads on National Forest lands.

Includes county roads designated as open to ORVs by ordinance. In WI, these roads must also be signed with an ATV Route sign for the road to be open/legal, check local conditions to verify the Route is open.

These maps visually show the different ORV Trali/ATV Trail, Motorcycle-Only Trail, Michigan Cross Country Cycle Trail, ORV Route/ATV Route, county road, county road open to ORV, highways, forest roads and more.

Hundreds of miles of non-motorized trails.

Maps support routing in the computer and GPS. Makes trip planning simpler; have the GPS tell you how to get back to the parking lot with turn by turn directions. See our Routing FAQ.

Maps come loaded on a memory card, just plug into your GPS and go.

Map installer included on card can be used to put the maps on the computer which will integrate into an existing copy of Garmin's MapSource or BaseCamp software. View the maps on the big screen, plan your trips.

Check out the additional map features including legend and sign guide.

This map, like most of ours, was developed by recording with a GPS unit while actually riding the trails and provides full coverage of the entire systems listed.

System Requirements:

  • Windows based PC or Macintosh for viewing on computer with 500MB of free space.
  • Garmin Mapping GPS Unit for using the maps

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